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ABODE, Bistro offers a great dining experience with refined menus and European-inspired design. Let one of our chefs be your guide and explore the world through the flavors. We provide an intimate setting where diners can enjoy a truly memorable meal while our professional staff will see every detail of your event so you can relax. Visit https://abodebistro.com/ and learn more. 


Have you ever dealt with an unruly guest who won’t stop badgering their waiter or diner? It’s one of the most infuriating experiences for servers who have to deal with such things daily. Beyond that, when diners complain about service, it makes other guests uncomfortable, which affects their quality of experience at the restaurant. So, what should you do? This is where you have to “draw the line” and insist on good behavior from your patrons, or they might just be asked to leave.


The staff at ABODE – Bistro, a restaurant in the heart of Downtown Miami is no pushover. An experienced server knows how to handle unruly guests who get out of hand and ruin the dining experience for other diners. To avoid such situations, you should make sure your staff is trained to deal with different types of customers in various positions.

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 This is precisely what happened at ABODE – Bistro when an unruly man refused to stop making a scene at a table. The wild man began insulting the server, but that didn’t stop him from holding his ground and insisting on good behavior from his patrons. When the waitress asked him to leave, he refused and insulted her. When she called her manager to ask what to do, she was provided the phone number to call for police, but the man refused to leave. Finally, the manager asked him to leave.


Then there’s the scenario when customers complain about how long they have been waiting for their food as dinner is just around the corner. They get annoyed because they are hungry after waiting so long, and then some of them refuse to budge no matter how politely they are dealt with by the staff. That makes it difficult for other diners who want an excellent dinning experience and must wait longer than they want or expect because of an angry customer who refuses to move along.


So, what’s the best way to handle unruly customers, and how do you prevent such situations from happening? It’s up to your staff to keep their cool and deal with the challenge. There are two sides to every coin. Customers might become unruly for various reasons. They could be having a bad day and take it out on your staff. Or they could be simply indifferent about how their behavior affects other people around them. Whatever the reason, make sure your staff is trained to handle such difficult situations effectively.