Australia’s Best Online Health Food Stores

Australia's Best Online Health Food Stores

The number of unhealthy food choices has never been as high as today, and people are struggling to avoid obesity in all its forms. However, there are many ways of getting healthier foods and snacks while avoiding extensive sugary drinks, fatty takeaways, and other harmful processed foods like Gr8 Health explains. Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging.

Online health food stores in Australia

Australia has a large variety of online stores for all your grocery needs. Below are some top ten of Australia’s best online health food stores from the perspective of raw foods and green eaters.

Gr8 Health

Gr8 Health is a national not-for-profit organization that provides a confidential, non-judgmental support service for people struggling with mental health. Gr8 Health also offers a variety of healthy foods that can help you out.

Pumpkin Patch

This store is in Australia and offers a variety of non-GMO and gluten-free foods. It’s one of the more expensive stores on this list, but they have many products.

Real Food Wholefoods

This store is a great deal because it offers Australian delivery, and they also offer discount codes if you use their online shopping portal. Their prices are close to the other stores, but they have some higher quality items available that other stores don’t carry.

Vege Planet

This store is another Australian with a wide variety of organic and non-GMO food options. They like to help you find the foods that are right for you through their social entrepreneurship program. This is a good option for those who need more than just basic food options and something different this list has yet to see.

Eat Healthily

This store is similar to Vege Planet and Health Post Foods, except it’s in the UK. It offers a fair amount of gluten-free and vegan options, but you’ll have to place your order from their UK site first.


iHerb is quite similar to Health Post Foods and Vege Planet, with a wide variety of products from various brands of non-GMO foods. They also offer free delivery for orders over $100. The only negative I can think of here is that they don’t offer any gluten-free or vegan options, which might be a deal breaker if you’re vegetarian or vegan.


Organic Surge

This store is similar to Pumpkin Patch but located in the UK. They offer a wide variety of non-GMO food items, and their prices are competitive. They offer free shipping on orders over £50, which makes this store a great deal for those who need organic food regularly.


This store is one of the more expensive ones on this list, but they have a nice variety of organic and non-GMO foods. Their prices are low considering what you’re getting, though, and they offer free shipping on orders over $99 and some discount codes.


Australia has a diverse economic system and plenty of tasty options in the country’s shops and supermarkets. You can find vegan products at any market, while others will cater to gluten-free diets or those with several allergies. Most Australian grocery chains like gr8health pride themselves on catering to individual needs with their range of products.