Choosing The Best Smell Proof Containers And Weed Storage

best smell proof containers

When it comes to weed storage, you want to ensure that your cannabis is safe, airtight and remains potent. If you don’t have a proper supply of containers for storing your cannabis, it will go stale quickly or get mouldy. Another thing that can happen if you store cannabis in an improperly sealed container is the risk of odours seeping out and making your place smell funky.


Here are some tips for choosing the best weed storage containers:


– Air-tight jars are the most convenient option because they provide maximum protection and seal in odours while keeping them fresh. For best results, you can use breathable best smell proof containers. This will help keep your weed fresh by allowing air and humidity to escape after closing it.


– The best place to store weed long-term is in a cool, dark and dry place. If your dispensary sells dark, airtight, and moisture-proof containers, buy them.


– Some companies that make special stink-proof containers are Gorilla Tape, Kush Bottles and Smell Proof Containers. These companies offer numerous options, like storage jars with a magnetized lid or a double seal secured by two magnets. You can also get smell-proof pouches from them. These pouches are perfect for keeping a small amount of weed.

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– If your dispensary also sells smell-proof bags, try to get some of them. Bags with double zippers are excellent for storing cannabis in small batches. They also make it much easier to store and transport weed without the risk of it falling out of the bag accidentally. These bags can come in handy if you want to keep some weed at work or if you want to transport your cannabis on a trip.


– You can use plastic containers as well with good results. These containers have a tight seal that perfectly locks out moisture, air and odour-causing elements. There are also many types of food-grade containers with the same kind of sealable feature.


– Don’t use brown paper or grocery store bags to store weed. These materials lack airtightness, light and air, and they will cause your weed to lose its potency over time.


– For newbies, some recommend using old toys or children’s play dough containers. The best part about these containers is that it is easy to open the lid with just a few fingers, and there are no hazardous chemicals in them like many plastic containers have (gaskets and labels). However, it would be best to store your weed in these containers with care because they are not fully airtight.