Healthy Mother Equals Healthy Infant – The Breastfeeding Tea Company

Healthy Mother Equals Healthy Infant - The Breastfeeding Tea Company

Babies are nourished by their mothers. Therefore, it is essential for the mother to maintain good health. Being healthy in modern times can be challenging. We are surrounded by an abundance of processed foods, preservatives, and chemicals. And let’s be honest, healthy eating may be costly. A healthy lifestyle can be time-intensive and expensive. The Breastfeeding Tea is therefore here to assist!

The Breastfeeding Tea is Australia’s first colic tea and number one lactation tea without fenugreek. Their goods are designed to assist mothers during their final trimester of pregnancy and throughout their breastfeeding journey. With all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors, their Teas and Lactation Hot chocolate are there to help you along the way.


Lactation Hot chocolate


The FIRST and BEST Colic Tea in Australia, a tea for breastfeeding women with colic or newborns with wind.

This tasty blend of herbs aids babies’ digestion and stomachs.

In a recent poll, 90 percent of mothers reported that their infant improved within a few days.

Suitable for breastfeeding women to consume beginning at birth. Colic Tea has a delightfully sweet and aromatic flavor.

Lactation Tea Australia’s Best herbal tea without fenugreek contains four “lactogenic” components to support lactation production.

Lactation Tea includes floral hints of hibiscus, rose, and rosehip.

Lactation Hot Chocolate With Collagen

A premium blend of nourishing, colic-friendly, and high-quality nutrients for breastfeeding and pumping mothers to increase their milk naturally. In a first for Australia, we have now incorporated bioactive collagen peptides to help nourish and restore your skin postpartum.

Safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Dairy and Soy Free

Naturally increases vitality

100% pure components

Free of refined sugar

Containing bioactive collagen peptides generated in an ethical manner.

Delicious Fenugreek Colic-free Friendly

Hand blended

Australian Made and Owned Naturopath Formulated Australia’s first lactation hot chocolate with hair, skin, and bone-supporting collagen peptides. May aid in the avoidance of stretch marks, skin hydration and elasticity, bone density, postpartum tissue repair, wound healing, and postpartum hair loss. The framework of your cells and tissues is composed primarily of collagen, the most abundant structural protein. It is the protein that connects with skin fullness, as well as joint, bone, and muscle health, which are all compromised during pregnancy and postpartum. It also plays a significant role in recovery and gut health, both of which are compromised by late pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

They obtain their collagen from the most recognized, environmentally conscious, and ethical company on the planet.

Consumable during pregnancy and after delivery. Please note that this item is not vegan or vegetarian as it contains collagen.


A Raspberry Leaf tea to facilitate childbirth, initiate menstruation, and aid in postpartum recuperation.

Raspberry Leaf tea is the traditional pregnancy supertea, as it is known to:

Enhance the strength and tone of the uterus to facilitate more effective contractions.

Facilitate milk production

Reduce the retention of water

Help with postpartum healing

Vitamins include vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, and magnesium are present.

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