Men Probably Have in Mind When It Comes to Fashion Tips for Women

Men Probably Have in Mind When It Comes to Fashion Tips for Women

Women adore getting dressed up and looking their best. It is in every woman’s nature to want to appear appealing to men and her fellow females with whom she giddily shares style secrets. Many men are increasingly opting for the haute couture style. Gone are the days when all he had in his closet were a few pairs of blouses and jeans. It doesn’t surprise a man if his lady has a drawer stocked with every cosmetic available.

Most men are ok with her closet appearing to be a minefield as well. After all, looking like a fashion icon takes a lot of effort. Some ladies, however, undeniably go overboard in terms of how they present themselves and express their fashion sense. Click here for extra details. Here are several things men are likely to advise her ladylove about fashion and how to look like the celebrity she’s always admired:

It takes a little “planning” to expose your skin.

A woman with a wonderfully formed neck or back is a sight to behold for any male. While this is true, the reality remains: there is a fine line between making a big reveal of your greatest bits and bearing it all in a distasteful manner. The sexual appeal comes from keeping the remainder hidden and leaving it to the imagination.

Embrace yourself, including your shape, in a fashionable way.

Women who are a size 0 or a plus size are often self-conscious. Even celebrities that fall into one of these categories receive negative attention. Men admire a woman who always takes care of her physique, but a woman who knows how to dress up even if she doesn’t have the ideal body size is amazing. Choose a garment that flatters your figure, flaws and all.

Less is more, as the adage goes.

Some women can’t seem to stop themselves from overaccessorizing. Some people get their nails painted in hues that are either bright or an eyesore that doesn’t compliment their skin tone or outfit. If you haven’t heard, being stylish does not imply wearing all your jewelry at once. There’s a time and place for that heavy make-up, too; all you have to do is look at the best-dressed lady celebs on the red carpet.

Shop with caution

Women tend to acquire fashion goods on the spur of the moment, only to wear them once and then forget about them. Being a practical shopper does not detract from your desire to be attractive. Even the fashion icons you admire know what they like and when to wear them.


It’s not just about possessing and wearing everything to be fashionable. Check out celebrity looks at and learn from the icons for amazing fashions you want to be seen in.