Menstrual Cups: Why You Need One In Your Life

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You have entered the exciting new world of menstruation cups! If you’re seeking for a greener, more comfortable, and cheaper option than pads or tampons, these are the way to go. The use of menstrual cups is on the rise because of the many advantages they present. So that you may make an educated selection regarding your period care protection, let’s go through the many advantages of menstruation cups. Have some tea and settle in for a lengthy read.

Handy Partners During Heavy Flows

If you have a strong menstrual flow, a cup is your best bet. Many often express concern that a cup won’t be able to hold their very heavy periods, but I assure them that this is not the case. The average menstrual cup can hold five times as much fluid as a tampon or pad, making it suitable for use during even the longest and most heavy periods. The huge capacity of these devices also makes them useful for capturing clots. In addition, there are large capacity menstrual cups for individuals who need them; our comparison chart for menstruation cups can be sorted by capacity, so check it out if you’re in need.

Amazing Comfort

Cups are preferred to pads and tampons by many women because they are less intrusive. They warm to your body temperature and form a seal with your vaginal wall, so you can go about your day without worrying about pads or tampon strings getting in the way. They are available in a broad variety of shapes, sizes, and degrees of firmness, so you may pick the one that works best for your body. When worn properly, the cup that works best for your body and your specific menstrual demands will be completely invisible.

Minimal Leakage

The vaginal walls grip the menstrual cup, forming a seal with the cup’s rim and reducing the likelihood of leakage. Although everyone has a different set of circumstances, many people believe their cups are secure enough to use alone. Likewise, a tampon has a string that could become wet, whereas a cup provides protection from the inside out.

They Are Good For The Environment

Menstrual cups are a more sustainable option than tampons and pads because to the staggering annual disposal rate of 19 billion in the United States alone. Considering that most cups may be used again without risk for up to ten years, we can drastically reduce the amount of trash that gets thrown away. Cleaning and maintaining your gear properly is essential. When the silicone on your cup begins to change (cracks, getting filmy or sticky, etc.), it’s time to get a new one.

No Need To Worry About Odor

Period cups are designed to be worn internally, so they collect menstrual fluid and keep it from releasing odor into the air. There is no thread like there is in tampons to wick moisture to and cause odor.

If you’re seeking for a more convenient and green menstrual product, a cup is a fantastic choice. Once you find the proper size and shape for your body, menstruation cups can be a hassle-free way to manage your period pains. If you’re interested in trying a cup for the first time, try out moxie menstrual cup to help you get started!