Oz Drug Testing, Your Legal Friend

Oz Drug Testing, Your Legal Friend

Oz Drug Testing is an Australian firm that supplies drug testing kits made particularly for Australian businesses. Their concentration is on delivering drug test kits for urine, saliva, and alcohol that provide speedy results. It takes them only five minutes to determine the presence of the drug. Even laboratory confirmation testing is possible.

A few clicks are required to acquire online drug test kits from Oz Drug Tests. They offer individual and commercial clients the means to conduct at-home or in-office drug screenings.

Can the presence of drugs within the body be concealed?

You may have heard that drinking a lot of water, utilizing household chemicals, or ingesting lemon juice may assist. This second test will reveal immediately if your sample has been manipulated with or if you have attempted to conceal the presence of drugs. If your company discovers that you attempted to tamper with your sample, you will certainly face severe punishment.

When Are You Likely to Be Tested for Drugs?

Assume that you will be working in a workplace with strong safety requirements. Therefore, you will be subject to routine drug testing (that could include alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs). Among the affected industries are aviation, mining, merchant navy, transportation, building and construction, oil, gas, and energy, engineering, food production and handling, hospital and medical staff, police, and the military.

Obtaining a home drug test from Oz Drug Tests is worthwhile if you work (or wish to work) in any of these fields and are concerned that you may exhibit signs of substance abuse.

What Legal Rights Do You Enjoy?

You must be tested, and your sample must be collected and analyzed by a qualified sample collector and analyst. If you test positive and believe that you should not have, you have the right to request confirmation of results from a certified laboratory.

What Is an Upper Limit?


The cut-off point is the permitted limit of drugs (or metabolites, to be exact) in your system. The Australian standard cutoffs can differ significantly from the American cutoffs. Refer to the section titled “Educate Yourself” for additional information regarding cutoff levels.

Keep in mind that cut-off values can vary from organization to organization; consequently, you should determine your organization’s cut-off level before ordering a testing kit.

How long do drugs last in the human body?

Please see below for specifics on the detection time. Note that detection times can vary based on how frequently you’ve taken a chemical, how long it’s been since your last dose, and your weight.

Varieties of drug testing:

Urine Drug Tests

Saliva Drug Test

Alcohol Breathalyser

Urine Collection

Urine Verification Kits

Please see ozdrugtesting.com.au for extra information.