The Ideal One-Piece Swimsuit: A Trendy Classic To Choose Based On Your Strengths

would like to dwell on what perhaps represents the most difficult swimsuit model of all which, however, has always had a certain charm on men and women, due to its potential for elegance, refinement or seduction: the one- piece swimsuit .

Not only for a few years now the one-piece swimsuit has definitely been cleared through customs, but there is not a single model: just like the bikini, even the swimsuit can be chosen based on your body and what you want to enhance. So what’s your ideal one-piece swimsuit? Find out here swimsuits.

Shapes And One Piece Swimsuit

Do you want the sea and the beach? Come on, let’s lower the demands: do you want a swimming pool and umbrella? In any case, I think you have all taken a look around to understand whether or not it was worth buying a new bathing suit  . Well, I remember very well that, until a few years ago, there was practically only one “socially accepted” model, or at most two – all the others were considered “like a grandmother”, “a loser”, “out of fashion”. Fortunately, today this is no longer the case and everyone can find their ideal model based on their tastes, their style and, yes, their  shapes . Here are which ones!


For Those Who Want To Highlight The Waist Point

Is yours the classic “rectangle” body or, on the contrary, is your waistline what you want to focus on on the beach? If, however, you want to focus attention on life, creating an illusion whereby it will appear narrower and more evident, the most suitable models for you are those with side portholes or even the so-called trikinis .

Uncovering the skin on the sides of the waist is a ploy particularly suitable for athletic girls who aspire to a more traditionally feminine body. If, on the other hand, this is not your case but you still want to aim for an “hourglass” effect, a sophisticated solution is to choose a swimsuit with a belt or a design that includes a horizontal strip at the waist.

To get an optical illusion in which the whole silhouette looks exhausted, then, you have to go hunting for a model with contrasting sides and like a “fake profile”, thinner, drawn on top.

For Those Who Want To Accentate A Small Breast

If, for you, the problem is to harmonize and proportion a body with a small breast, what you need to look for are tactical crosses with a push-up effect and all those decorations such as fringes, ruffles and ruffles that can increase the volume of the breast area.

If you do not have the problem of abundant breasts, then, you can afford to play with sweetheart necklines and strapless models or with vertiginous necklines, very sensual also and especially for those who do not have many curves.

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