Tanning Ideas: How To Have A Sun-Kissed Skin Tone?

Tanning Ideas: How To Have A Sun-Kissed Skin Tone?

One question seen on some of the beauty and skincare products pages is: how to get tan? Well, most women dreamed of having a tan skin tone, especially the westerners. These people love tan-toned skin and they use to do some bathing when going to the beach, with the hope to achieve tan skin. Unfortunately, these people can’t achieve that tan look, instead, they get that redness on the skin that makes them look burned and end up sunburned.

Sunburnt skin can be so painful. It can cause skin disease or irritation, which can be so threatening. However, have you heard about how to perform the self tan method?

Self-tanning foams

There is no need to sacrifice the painful sunray touches on your skin to achieve tanned skin. Everyone can use a self-tanning foam to get instant sun-kissed tan skin. The self-tanning foam has skin-loving ingredients, keeping the skin safe from sun rays and any other skin diseases. The aloe vera ingredient is infused with a coconut scent and has several benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Boosts flawlessness
  • Glowing skin

A bronzed glow keeps the face tan, specifically designed for delicate skin. These products can be in the form of drops, lotions, and mists.

Is it safe on the skin?

You can get a dark foam bundle. It has all the tanning products and accessories. So, it will be easy on your end to apply the tanning foam. What includes in the dark foam bundle are:

self tan

  • Application mitt
  • Self-tanning foam dark
  • Self-tan drops

With all these products and accessories, you can have a successful tanning method. The foam is very safe for the skin because of the natural ingredients it contains.

Where to apply?

Many are asking these: can dark foam be applied on all parts of the body? Yes, you can use the dark foam to apply on all parts of the body, of course on the skin. Anywhere, from the face down to the feet, in the body is applicable.


The result takes 30 minutes to take effect. The foam is washable after one hour. But, if you wish to leave it longer, a maximum of six hours is possible. If you want to go deeper with dark skin color, you can add an amount of dark foam to achieve the tone you want. But, make sure that the skin is free from moisturizer when applying.

Self-tanning is very easy to do. If you have all the products and accessories needed for the self-tanning procedure, you are now ready to get tan. If you have delicate skin, there is no worry, it is very skin-friendly and specifically made for delicate skin. There is a range of face tan products – check them out.