Things to consider when buying bean bags

Things to consider when buying bean bags

Nowadays, bean bag chairs come in different designs, styles, fabrics, and shapes. It’s hard to imagine a modern interior either at home or work without modern interior accents which are the bean bags. Designers discuss that combining a bean bag with other decor elements and furniture in the interior isn’t vital because of its distinct design. Bean bags are considered comfortable and stylish furniture that merges well with the luxury lifestyle. This is why many people want to shop bean bags since it provides a place to sleep and additional seating when you have guests.

Bean bags come in various sizes and shapes, besides the usual adult bean chair, there are also couch bean bags, sofa bed bean bags, loungers, and slab bean bags. You can buy bean bags for both outdoor and indoor use. They also come in a broad variety of sizes, materials, and colors. To choose the ideal bean bag, you have to know what bean bag size is great for your needs. Below is a simple guideline that will aid you to come up with the bean bag for your room.

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  • Since there are various types of bean bag chairs in the market, the material comes in different varieties as well. Vinyl is the commonly used fabric, yet some people don’t prefer this material as they find it uncomfortable because it is sticky. All the same, vinyl material is easy to clean and wipe and this makes it better than other materials. You have to ensure that when choosing a vinyl cover, the fabric is made of lead-less vinyl inks. Other bean bag chairs come in other materials such as leather, denim, fun fur, micro-fiber, and cotton. The kind of fabric you pick must be durable and sustainable and can withstand wear and tear.

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 Shape and size

  • The size and shape of a bean bag are also vital when buying one. You have to select the shape that serves your needs. If you need one that provides some extra back support, look for bean bags with a pear shape design. While if you prefer a bean bag that can cater to two people, shop for a flatter pancaked-shaped design.


  • There are a lot of amazing designs for bean bag chairs. The models offered are at reasonable prices and you can select one that suits your needs. There are bean bag chairs with animal prints ideal for stylish individuals. Most of these bean bags are adorable and affordable, other bean bags are constructed from bomber style making them perfect for adults and kids.


  • The fill must be made of excellent quality material recycled polystyrene fill. Some of the fillers that are used are vinyl, tie, fur, dyes, cotton, velvet, and any other materials.