Tips to buy second-hand designer handbags

used hermes bags

Any object with a reasonable value will very certainly be duplicated. That implies purchasing used, particularly online on which you can only assess the bag based on an image, is dangerous. Designer handbags that are used, or which are also referred to as, ‘pre-owned,’ are no omission, and there is a thriving industry for phony handbags. There are some steps which you could do to assist you to make a better intelligent selection and reduce the danger of overpaying for used hermes bags. Before you deal with the money, check the rules below to be certain that you receive what you want and not an overpriced knockoff.

  • Stitching – Irregular stitching, crinkled joints, and seams with mismatched designs are all signs that the handbag isn’t authentic.
  • Seams – A genuine handbag’s seams would be smooth, uniform, and completely aligned with the design.
  • Quality – Luxury handbags are made of just the finest materials, therefore almost all accessories like zips, labels, closures, etc would be of the same excellent caliber as the handbag.
  • Lining – Top purse designers take just as much attention to the fabric as they do with the exterior, so inspect the fabric, stitches, compartments, and all other elements on the interior.
  • Logo – Look very carefully at the emblem. Many counterfeits include unclear, smeared, or misaligned trademarks, as well as misspelled words. Imitation Designer handbags like Gucci can have double ‘C’s instead of the Gucci dual ‘G’ sign.

Tips to buy second-hand designer handbags

  • Strength – A strong handbag will remain erect even though unfilled and the edges will not collapse to the point where the handbag topples.
  • Dustbags – A high-end handbag will come with a cleaning bag, and the grips and padded straps will not be covered in paper or plastic. It’s often delicate wrapping paper that’s used to wrap them. If there isn’t a cleaning bag, inquire as to why.
  • Model – Look for a comparable handbag online. If the handbag is a newer version, perhaps this is doable on the producer’s website.
  • Serial numbers – Check for identification numbers and research how each brand identifies their handbags on the internet. If the actual handbag has four numerical digits and the handbag you’re considering purchasing just has three, it’s a fake.


Finally, it is important to identify which is the original handbag before you do the purchase it. This will help you not to pay for duplicate handbags.