Variety Of Kids Desk Singapore From KidChamp

Variety Of Kids Desk Singapore From KidChamp

About kid champ

Kidchamp is an accessories website that sells different products like desks, bundle sets, chairs which will be useful for the kids to sit and make them as their study table, playing table, and resting oneself. When proper accessories are provided for the kid, they feel happy to sit and learn. Sometimes, this kind of arrangement helps one grasp all the concepts and work towards their main work, studying. The different desk types are listed below.

Magicube desk

  • This is one of the best table types sold by the kid champ website.
  • The table is available in two different colors, namely Macaron pink and Macaron blue.
  • This study table looks tall and has many small rack kinds of structures at the top.
  • There is a slidable drawer present which can be moved front and back.
  • There are hooks at the left side of the drawer helping to hang the bag of the child.

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Up desk

  • This is a type of height adjustable desk.
  • This has a light lamp on the top of the table.
  • There is a wide length table where students can spread things and use
  • There is a slideable under the table in this arrangement.
  • There is a place to keep books under the wide table.
  • This table arrangement at the kids desk singaporeĀ is suitable for all age groups.

Magicube bundle set

  • Bundle sets are tables coming along with chairs.
  • The Kidchampmagicube bundle set contains all arrangements of the kid champ table.
  • The chair has a cushion-type resting portion for the shoulder at the back and the sitting place.
  • There are wheels present on the chair for slidable movement around the house.

Up desk bundle set

  • This has the up-desk table set and the chair along with the table.
  • This has a board form of cushion fixed on the table, which helps put the sticky notes.
  • This table is suitable for ages 3 and above.
  • The chair is made up of full-mesh, which can be slid front and back.
  • One can rest the neck, shoulders on the back correctly.
  • This is a lovable product and has a rating of 5 out of 5 on the kid champ website and kids desk singapore.


As kids meet with early age problems, they require more comfort and back support to keep them safe and make them involved in the learning process.