What Are the Different Styles of White Contact Lenses?

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These lenses are completely opaque white, covering the entire iris and pupil. They create a dramatic, otherworldly appearance, often used in horror movies and Halloween costumes to give the wearer a ghostly or zombie-like look. Solid white lenses are also known as “whiteout” white contact lenses because they effectively “white out” the eye.

White Mesh Contact Lenses

White mesh white contact lenses feature a fine white grid pattern that covers the iris and pupil. This style allows some vision, although it can be limited. The mesh design gives a creepy, pixelated effect to the eyes, making them a popular choice for characters in horror films and for those aiming for a robotic or alien aesthetic.

White Sclera Contact Lenses

White sclera lenses are large-diameter lenses that cover not only the iris but also the sclera (the white part of the eye). These lenses create a striking, full-eye white appearance. They are often used in professional film and theater productions due to their dramatic effect. However, due to their size and coverage, they can be more challenging to insert and wear comfortably.

White Outlined Contact Lenses

These lenses are primarily white but feature a distinct black or colored outline around the iris. This style provides a more defined look, enhancing the contrast between the iris and the white of the lens. It can make the eyes stand out more sharply and is often used in cosplay to replicate specific character eyes.

White UV Reactive Contact Lenses

UV reactive lenses appear white in regular light but glow under UV or blacklight. This style is perfect for parties, clubs, or events with blacklight illumination. They add an element of surprise and can create a striking visual effect in the right lighting conditions.

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White Cat Eye Contact Lenses

These lenses mimic the slit-shaped pupils of cats, creating a feline appearance. They are white with a vertical black slit in the center. This style is popular for costumes and cosplays that involve cat-like or otherworldly characters.

White Crazy Contact Lenses

Crazy lenses come in various designs and patterns that incorporate white as a primary color. Examples include spiral designs, white swirls, or other unique patterns that add a wild, eccentric look to the eyes. These lenses are often used for theatrical purposes or to create a specific, eye-catching look for events.

White Prescription Contact Lenses

For those who need vision correction, white contact lenses are available in prescription strengths. These lenses combine the dramatic white appearance with corrective functionality, making them suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions.