What is chips de chocolate Negro? Benefits of consuming it

chips de chocolate negro

The chips de chocolate negro are small pieces of dark-brown or black chocolate. They are available in different shapes. They are made of chocolate that has about 65–80% cocoa content. They differ in size from large to small based on the production company, but usually are not more than 10 millimeters wide.

They are stored in a refrigerator in a closed container to experience better taste.

What are their applications?

  • They are used to make cakes, cookies, ice cream, sweets, oatmeal, pies, and more.
  • They can be used to speed up the baking process.
  • They are used to beautify frozen desserts.
  • They can be liquefied and used as sauces.
  • They are added to foods like granola bars and trail mix.
  • They are used as a common ingredient in baking and desserts.
  • You can bake this dark chocolate with different dishes to gain a different taste.
  • This offers a sweet taste to your tea with a combination of different ingredients. You can use these chips in cakes, biscuits, and many other dishes.
  • Due to the chocolate content, your child will love to eat the dish.

Chips de chocolate negro x 100 gr. - Novavita Dietetica

Benefits of dark chocolate chips

The quality chocolate chips de chocolate negro, with high cocoa content, are more nutritious.

It covers some amount of solvable fiber and minerals, which make your child healthy.

A 100-gram bag of dark chocolate chips with 70–85% cocoa contains

  • 11 grams of fiber
  • 66% of the DV for iron
  • 57% of the DV for magnesium
  • 196% of the DV for copper
  • 85% of the DV for manganese

They contain a variety of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium.

If you consume 100 grams of dark chocolate daily, you will get nutrients and 600 calories of energy from it.

Dark chocolate contains fatty acids. This fat is healthy for the heart and also contains some other healthy oils in it.

The stearic acid in dark chocolate has a neutral effect on body cholesterol.

This also contains caffeine and theobromine, which are found in coffee and help to keep you awake and alert.

According to one study, chocolate contains a high concentration of antioxidants. They are loaded with organic components that help you stay healthy.

This helps to develop blood flow and lower the risk of high blood pressure.

According to studies, eating chocolate daily can improve your health and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.