Where To Buy Quality Water Filter System For Residential Properties?

water filter system for home

Water filter systems remove unwanted odor and taste from mains water, providing clean and fresh-tasting water direct from the tap. A water filter system for home use is compact and easy to install in a small space or under the sink. Whilst, a commercial water filter system is slightly different according to the specialty equipment or the use in the kitchen. Water filter systems are fully equipped with a set to get you set up and taped to the existing water line.

Types of water filters

There are different types of water filters according to your needs. The list below is the different types of water filter systems that you can use at home, such as:

  • Coffee machine water filter. Water is very imperative when preparing the perfect coffee. The normal filtration rules don’t apply to the coffee bean, which needs a special blend of minerals before the full flavor is released. It is complete with protecting and cleaning an expensive espresso machine, which means coffee machine filters. It is another level, equipped well to hand coffee machine water filters.
  • Inline water filters. Inline water filters sit directly on the water line or an appliance, and the water passes through it before reaching the appliance or tap. It is commonly used in households for a type of filtration, perfect for under sinks due to its small size. The inline filters reduce common problems with municipal water, such as:
  • Chlorine taste
  • Odour
  • Bacteria

The water filter systems provide bottled water tasting without its plastic taste. One of Europe’s top-selling filters is the hydro+ inline water filter.

  • Drop-in filters. These water filters are made-to-fit inside the water filter housing. The housings may vary depending on the use. But, the most common size is:
  • 10″
  • 20″

There are also jumbo drop-in filters if you need them.

  • Fridge filters. These water filters systems filter the feed water that comes through to the ice mechanism and drinking water. It is most commonly found in American-style fridge freezers. The compatibility and size of the filter will vary depending on the model/make and style of the fridge freezer.

The importance of a water filtration system

Did you know that the water straight from the tap is not 100% clean? Yes, if you are going to check it using a microscope, you will see bacteria on it, possible odor and taste from the pipe, or anything that can be harmful to your health. So, the water filter system helps clean up water running through the pipe to your taps.

So, it is very important that consuming clean and fresh water in the household is safe. Some cases like drinking dirty water cause amoeba. So, it is a lot safer to have a water filter system at home and live a healthy life.