Why Choose a Woven Laundry Basket?

Woven hamper baskets present themselves as more beneficial options than traditional laundry baskets. These are known to help you do laundry more conveniently and quickly. There are several options for a hamper basket available. Each woven hamper basket has its set of benefits.

On varying sizes

Such baskets are easy to use. Some are intended for handling a large number of garments while some are more designed for gathering the laundry from the washing machine. They make garment handling less complicated than it is. Most laundry baskets are larger than laundry bags and

On convenience and speed

It is also easier for one to do laundry, especially when washing large pieces of the garment. They are often made of light material that makes them easy to use in any type of laundry task.

On durability

These baskets are usually tough and they last for a long time. This means you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the wicker basket for a long time. You can find a hamper basket in a wicker design that is made of plastic.

On aesthetic appeal

One of the major advantages of the wicker basket for laundry is its aesthetic appeal. You can easily find plastic hampers that can accommodate dirty clothes, but they are not as attractive as the wicker basket. This will look good in your bathroom or bedroom in terms of style and color. The laundry basket can easily blend in with its surroundings.

woven hamper basket

On the value of lining

A fabric-lined woven hamper basket can be quite striking, but that is not the only benefit it can offer. The fabric lining can prevent the unpleasant odors from towels, bedsheets, and clothing from transferring to the rattan. The fabric lining works as a moisture barrier that protects the wicker from absorbing moisture.

On being environment-friendly

Rattan is pleasing to the senses, but it is also eco-friendly. Rattan vines are known to grow fast and they are also low maintenance. Since they can only grow in forests where there are large trees, rattan reinforces the need to maintain large forests in which flora and fauna can thrive.

Some problems

Wicker baskets are not without weaknesses when used as laundry baskets. First of all, it is made of natural fiber. It easily absorbs moisture from damp clothes and steamy bathrooms. Trapped moisture may cause discoloration on the wicker. It can also make the basket a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Mildew may also cause odor to cling to the basket. Often this is the smell of dirty clothes, especially those that are left in the bottom of the basket for a long time. Even after the item is removed or cleaned, the odor might remain in the basket.