A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Opal Jewelry

A Buyer's Guide To Purchasing Opal Jewelry

Diamonds or sapphires are not the only popular gemstones these days. Opals are equally tempting and precious. They are certainly one of the most beautiful gemstones that you can purchase and own. Each opal is distinctive and personal. Its unique appearance gives it a broad range of patterns and colors, making it a great complement to practically any ensemble.

Types of Opal

You will need to be familiar with many types of opal before you decide to buy one – black opal, white or milky opal, crystal opal, and boulder opal. To know which ones would suit your preference and style, you must research each of these types. They are equally beautiful and precious, but each has its uniqueness.

Body Color and Tone

The color and tone of opal are essential factors determining its beauty and monetary worth. Just remember that the more expensive an opal is, the darker the tone of the stone is. This is why opals with a black body tone tend to be more costly than opals with a white or milky body tone. This means that what you’re paying for is the sharpness and intensity of colors radiating from the stone itself.


Brightness Grading

All opals are graded according to their brightness. This classification method separates opals into groups based on how intense the color reflection is when light is passed through them. Those with a brilliant grade are the brightest and have an eye-catching burst of color when it comes to opals. This makes them the most expensive. Dull or subdued colored opals are the least expensive because they appear milky and have no luster.

Checking for Clarity

Opal clarity may be affected by a variety of factors. In some cases, imperfections or inclusions might be found in the stone, lowering its overall market value. Always focus on cracks and see any inclusions, such as sand or rock. If they are visible, you may want to reconsider buying the opal since not only will they affect the beauty of the stone, but they will also impact the value of the opal.

Buy Opal Jewelry Online

Although opals have long been a favorite of high-end jewelers to create their statement and luxury jewelry collections, their popularity has risen in recent years. This makes them one of the most popular and stylish gemstones to wear these days. If you are looking to buy opal jewelry soon, then visit lostseaopals.com.au.

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