Check these tips when buying a bridal robe

Check these tips when buying a bridal robe

A wedding is a sacred ceremony and a much-awaited event for couples ready to step their relationship to another level. There are a lot of preparations that need to be done, from the venue of the wedding, reception, food, decoration, bridal gown and suits, and a lot more. Unfortunately, most of the time, the bride is worried and stressed from months of planning. A bridal robe is sometimes overlooked by the bride and is too late to regret when you look back on those getting ready pictures.

There are a lot of purposes for a bridal robe, it makes you feel gorgeous on the important day of your life. Photographers capture these moments thus making sure you’re something as pretty as your gown.

All about the bridal robe

bridal robe

Bridal robes are the outfit before the most vital outfit, which is your wedding dress. Robes usually come with a silk/ satin sash thus you can tie them quickly based on how tight/loose you prefer. An elegant bridal robe speaks volumes of your taste. You need to spend a lot of time and effort on making your dream wedding come true. Your dream wedding is not only about flowers, decor, venue, and music. It’s about you, so you need to ensure you pick a well-made robe, not only for a day, it must last beyond your wedding.

 Check these tips when choosing a bridal robe

Choose a style that suits your theme or personality

  • In selecting the style for your bridesmaid and bridal robes, you may encounter these basic ones: warp, spa, and kimono robes. Wrap robes are more tailored and are usually made of a lighter and thinner material. While spa robes are mostly the champions in wedding parties mainly because they are a more comfortable fit. Kimono robes are the medium between spa and wrap robes, they commonly fall above the knee and their loose sleeves drop a few inches. All these styles have their merits, thus it boils down to what you know will feel comfortable in.

Consider your budget

  • You should not forfeit this important factor in selecting the bride and bridesmaid robe, wedding budgets are crucial stuff. You can spend as little as $15 or as much as $200 per robe.

Check the details of the robes

  • Robes are simple yet there are some extra features you’d like to look for in them. A great feature is pockets since they are beneficial for keeping important and small things, like coins and tissues.

Patterns and Colors

  • Deciding on patterns and colors depends on some factors. You can draw on the seasons for inspiration in picking a special color theme. If it’s a summer or spring wedding, check for bridal party robes with eye-catching pastels.