Skin rejuvenation therapy with plasma

Skin rejuvenation therapy with plasma

Regenerative skin therapy with the body’s plasma is an innovative, long-lasting method for biological skin rejuvenation, the prevention of premature skin ageing and the repair of skin damage and wound healing disorders with the use of the body’s cells and this can be done at At the moment you will often find “Dracula Therapy” or “PRP Lifting” or similar terms in the international press.

What can be treated with PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma can naturally accelerate the body’s self-healing process. It restores elasticity to the skin and stimulates the regeneration and formation of new collagen. Both lead to a significant and lasting improvement in the texture of your skin. The goal of regenerative skin therapy is natural, healthy facial skin. The treatment is mainly used to improve the skin of the face – especially against wrinkles under the eyes and shimmering blue circles under the eyes, but of course, skin can also be treated on all other parts of the body.

Another important point is the treatment of hair and scalp damage. The treatment approach here is to use the body’s plasma to stimulate the activity of the stem cells in the hair roots and thus to positively influence hair growth.

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How does a session work?

Blood is taken from the arm vein and immediately afterwards it is centrifuged in a special system to obtain platelet-rich plasma. This process takes place directly in the practice and takes about 20 minutes. The activated plasma can then be processed further. This can be done with the help of mesotherapy and it is then injected back into the skin at the desired location. Or it is applied to the skin after a micro-needling treatment and the high absorption capacity of the skin is used in this therapy (e.g. for striae, stretch marks, stretch marks). In the case of wrinkles or blue circles under the eyes, the plasma is injected into the skin using the wheel technique.

The side effects or risks associated with treatment:

Allergic reactions, intolerances and undesirable side effects are excluded because the plasma is obtained from your blood. This treatment is 100% without undesirable chemicals, as there is no need to use foreign material.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma supports the healing and growth of skin and connective tissue, thereby achieving natural healing and improvement of the skin. By using the body’s plasma, allergic reactions, intolerances and other side effects can be excluded, thus guaranteeing absolute safety for patients. Regenerative skin therapy means “beauty from your blood”, it is 100% nature and 100% you! And the wonderful thing is that your skin “builds up” more and more over time and does not “degrades” as with the fillers.