The Advantages of Owning a Casio G Shock

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Few celebs had them, from collaborative special editions to ones developed specifically for the US Armed Forces, but clearly, you can’t go a day without seeing a star wearing a G-Shock. And that, in and of itself, is a sign: when someone can easily wear a Rolex, Omega, or Breitling on their wrist, they opt for the most adaptable watch the world has to offer—and why not?

G-Shock is possibly the only watch collection in the world that makes sense, offering a bundle that no other watchmaker can match — and at a bargain price. Still, have doubts? Here are compelling reasons why you should acquire at least one babyg hong kong:

Designed to Last

Sure, Swiss watches have finesse, but if you’re known for being ‘indestructible,’ the gshock mtg hong kong is the watch for you. It’s also the only watch in the world that offers a ‘Triple-10’ guarantee, which includes 10 bar or 100 meters of water resistance, a 10-year battery life, and the ability to withstand a 10-meter drop (a three-story building). For a few dollars more, you can upgrade to a premium version that is even 200m water resistant!

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More for Less

A variety of qualities, not simply endurance, are a significant reason why the G-Shock is the favorite watch of various armed services across the world. The watch was not only durable and tough, but it also allowed wearers to view the time to the second with unrivaled accuracy (after all, it’s digital). The watch’s rubber strap and shell made it an ideal companion for extended journeys and missions in the harshest of environments.

Good Investment

 If you value time over money, you’re plainly receiving more than you asked for. The latest ‘G’ series has intriguing features like a built-in altimeter, navigating compass, Bluetooth connectivity, and a world timer that is accurate to 1-2 seconds every month. G-Shocks are so durable (I’m saying it for the third time) that they survive generations rather than years. That is, once again, for the most expensive one.

Mud, perspiration, and dirt may not seem like a big deal to you, but any sportsman can tell you how nasty your watch can get after a jog or a game of football, cricket, or tennis. Dirt from playing might cause problems if it gets into the watch’s mechanism or (worst case scenario) dial, and this is where the G-Shock shines once more.