The Top Wedding Ring Buying Tips

The Top Wedding Ring Buying Tips

You want to choose your wedding band wisely because it will be worn forever. Choosing your wedding band can be much easier if you have some tips. Read on to discover the best wedding ring shopping advice.

Wedding Ring Buying Advice:

A budget

Before you go shopping for your silicone wedding rings, discuss a budget with your fiance. Set aside 3% of your wedding budget for wedding rings. Because every couple’s wedding budget is unique, you don’t have to follow this guideline. Go for it if you have a figure in mind. Having a budget in mind will make shopping easier and help you narrow down your options.

Price varies depending on metal and additions like diamonds or bespoke embellishments. A gold wedding ring costs around $150, while a platinum band with decorations costs $600.

Metals 101

Wedding rings exist in many metals. These include gold, platinum, and titanium. Titanium can be an excellent substitute if you’re allergic to some metals or want a less expensive option.

Aside from the apparent aesthetic differences, different metals will also complement different skin tones. Try on other wedding rings to find which metal suits you best.


Before buying your wedding band, go to a few different places. Compare selection and price at a few retailers to find the ideal ring for you.

Because you and your fiance need wedding rings, stores may offer you a discount if you buy them together. But if you and your fiance like different rings, buy them where you want. It’s more vital to be happy with your ring than to obtain a small discount for the one you don’t love. Avoid stores that force you to buy immediately. Buying a wedding ring is a significant affair and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Take Your Time

It’s easy to get caught up in arranging your wedding reception and ceremony. Buying wedding rings often gets lost in the hustle of wedding planning. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for wedding rings.

Start looking for wedding bands two months before the big day. Start shopping four months before your wedding day if you want anything unique or custom extras like engraving.

Style it Up

Wedding rings come in many designs. There are thin, thick, simple, diamond-studded, rounded, squared, and various metals. Choose a ring that matches your particular style and that you’ll wear every day.

If you’re laid-back and want to dress casually, get a ring that matches your style. If you usually wear suits and dress up, go for a more formal ring. Brides should also ensure that their wedding band complements their engagement ring.

Choosing your wedding ring can be a straightforward and enjoyable affair. Keep these wedding ring buying ideas in mind before the big day. With that in mind, you’ll have no issue locating an everlasting wedding ring.