Tips for Choosing Quality Welding Lens Color

best welding lens color

Welding lens come in different shades of color and each of the color shades has specific role in the welding profession. The purpose of the welding lens is to protect the eyes during the welding process. You will find different types out there today but make sure you buy right. Before purchasing any welding lens color, first validate the specifications written on the helmet. One of the best ways to validate the quality of the helmet is to check of the helmet is in line with the ANSI Z87.1 standard. The standard will give the criteria expected in any welding helmet for safety so that it can protect your eyes. Always opt for the best welding lens color so that you can always get value for money.

Check below for some of the many factors to consider when purchasing a welding lens color for your work.

Check the reaction time

The lens reaction time is one of the many factors to consider when purchasing a welding lens shade. Ones reaction time means the time it takes for the lens to switch from the regular setting to the protective shade. The reaction time in a simple lens shade is 1/3,600 seconds. The fraction gets lower in the more robust and advanced lenses. The reaction time in some of the most advanced lenses can be as low as 1/20,000. The best welding lens color will switch very fast, providing adequately and timely protection for your eyes. The more advanced ones tend to be more expensive, however. So, be wary of the cost when buying the product.

Is it fixed or volatile?

Before purchasing that lens color, you should also find out if the product is fixed or variable. The fixed type can darken to a single shade and they come fitted to a passive welding helmet. The variable type is more popular than the other on since they can darken to various shades. If you are only working on a simple welding project, you can opt for the fixed shade lens. The variable lens type is the better option for your complex welding works, like MIG welding.

Buy from the best

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