Tips To Find And Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

bespoke engagement rings

Giving and receiving an engagement ring is an exciting time in your life. Getting engaged is the start of your journey with your partner. This marks the date that you are telling the world that you are finally ready to settle down. So if you are preparing for that momentous proposal, you need to have the perfect ring to offer.

Traditionally, engagement etiquette says that the groom is the one who buys the engagement ring. But in this modern times, many couples prefer to split the cost. If you are a traditional type of person, and you know that it’s about time to start shopping for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, then you have to pick the right one.

Get The Measurement Right

The last thing you want is to buy an engagement ring that does not fit your partner. This may seem like an obvious step but others sometimes take it for granted. You know that it’s the right fit when feels snug yet comfortable. If you are not sure what the ring size is of your partner, take a sample of one of the rings that fits her. If not, you can ask family and friends for some advice. You can always have it resized but at least, the less mistakes on the measurement, the better.

Consider the Shape

You first have to consider the shape of the diamond that your loved one would prefer. This will help narrow down your searches. Remember that each shape is priced differently. Each also has a different price per carat.  In general, round cuts are the most expensive. While the pear and marquise shapes are cheaper. So before you buy an engagement ring,  learn about the ring cuts and choose which one is your favorite.

The Metal Band

Aside from the diamond, you also have to look into the metal bands. There are plenty of options for you. The most popular these days are rose gold metal bands. The traditional bands like gold, silver, and platinum are always available if this is what you prefer. But you have to remember that some metals are scratch-resistant while others aren’t. Also, you will have to consider whether you want to add stones set in the bands which will  bring the ring to the next level.

Shop For Engagement Ring Online

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