What Are Some Office Stationary Options for You to Choose From?

Office Stationary

Even if offices have become paperless these days, office stationary and supplies still are not dispensable for they remain useful to many. They may appear as trivial items, but they are still found all over offices. It’s pretty hard to imagine not having a pen to write in or a drawer to place your files in. These simple items are required when you write down notes or simply correct typo errors. The following are some of the Office Choice stationary you must invest in for your business:

Whiteboard marker

It is pretty much common to run out of whiteboard markers. These are needed for people to be on the same page during meetings and conferences.They are also used when creating design prints. This makes it crucial to look for whiteboard markers that are not only affordable but also functional.

Correction tape

It is usual to commit mistakes when writing. It can look messy to scribble over the mistakes you’ve committed while writing. Doing this could make your writing illegible. You need a correction tape to make sure that your documents are neat and nice. A correction tape is a white opaque substance to use for masking that can easily glide over any paper, covering any sort of printing or ink. A correction tape is better than any correction fluid because the latter may spill, smear, and overflow across a page. It also takes time to dry and may ruin the paper when overdone. These won’t concern you when you use a correction tape.

Office Choice stationary

Heavy-duty stapler

Small staplers can work for attaching two to three sheets. For large stacks of paperworks, a heavy-duty stapling device is required. A reliable heavy-duty stapler can put together up to 210 pages at a time without glitches.

Unlike the relatively smaller and handheld staplers, these heavy-duty staplers can easily and neatly bind your multiple-page documents without causing creases, broken staples, or worse breaking the device itself. A heavy-duty stapler causes fewer user issues and requires less maintenance.

Magnetic whiteboards

Whiteboards are superbly useful, and they are simply multi-purpose. This is one of the few Office Choice stationary options that you can use to write down to-do lists, reminders, and notes. A whiteboard marker is also useful for writing down announcements, random notes, and even for presentations, graphs, charts, and brainstorming sessions. A whiteboard marker can be either magnetic or non-magnetic.

Cross-cut shredder

Any office won’t be complete without a cross-cut shredder. A shedder ensures that all the sensitive information and records are disposed of properly. This will prevent problems of classified information falling into the wrong hands. This type of information can’t just be thrown into any trash bin since this can be easily retrieved. A cross-cut shredder will cut paper into confetti pieces that would be hard to put back together.