What Makes a Leather Wallet Great?

What Makes a Leather Wallet Great

Nowadays it is relatively rare for somebody to buy a purse or wallet barely to hold up cash. A leather wallet is considered a style statement for men.

A decent class wallet is possible the most useful accessory a man should have. While the purpose of a men’s wallet is simple and rooted in function, there are still numerous styles that achieve this, ranging from minimalist styles (card holders and thin folding wallets) to more classic designs (bi-fold wallets and tucker wallets) mens leather wallet.

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When looking for quality portfolios, don’t forget to take care of the following vital key areas that not only solve the purpose but also guarantee you virtue and integrity.

Quality material

The quality of the leather would be at the top when it comes to listing the most important factors. Even if you don’t have a basic understanding of how to judge leather quality, you can still figure it out to some degree by simply rubbing a double layer together. On the other hand, the natural smell and softness of the leather give proof of this. On the technical assessment, “full grain leather” is the way to go as it gives extra life, ages naturally and also adds character.

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Secondly, comes the “Top Grain Leather” which is best avoided as these are leathers containing weak points. It looks smooth but does not create a natural platen like full grain leather.

The third is “genuine leather” which is most commonly used and considered to be the lowest quality leather. So, don’t confuse the word “genuine” with “original” .


We always focus on the quality of the leather and ignore the crucial part of how the wallet is made. But you know? Poor construction has a power that can completely ruin a great design and high quality material. A little mismatch or mismatch in sewing or cutting can make the wallet look really awful.

Two ways the wallet is made: Cut Edge or Turned

Cut Edge is considered to be the shortcut where the leather is simply cut, stitched together and coated with resin on the The 15 best men’s leather wallets in 2021edging where, on the different hand, Swiveled is a lengthy procedure that waits extended as the leather is main reduced before knitting.

“Next time, pay special attention to the corners and inner areas of the pockets, where the expertise of a good craftsman is hidden”.