Pinot Grigio vs. Sauvignon Blanc: Improve Your Knowledge Of Whites

Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are both light-bodied white wines that are extremely popular among wine enthusiasts worldwide due to their dry, delicious, and crisp characteristics. Though they are similar when combining them with delicious warmer month fare or drinking them like an everyday wine, their unique scents and flavours distinguish each of these whites unique. Having alcohol concentrations ranging around 12% ABV to 14% ABV, the two are perfect spring sippers.

As spring has already here, consider the distinctions between Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc before deciding which one will company this spring. Wine online gives the finest wine experiences directly to you! and the selection of quality wines, select liquors, and basics.

Wine Origin

Sauvignon Blanc was developed and farmed in the Southwest areas of France linked to the Bordeaux region, and Pinot Grigio connected to the Burgundy Region of France. Grigio’ means ‘Grey’ in Italian, and it wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that Pinot Grigio couldn’t have picked a better name for its grapes, which have hazy greyish skin. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes are brilliant green in colour, spherical in shape, and tightly packed.

The ideal climate

Pinot Grigio grapes require a colder temperature to develop the best characteristics, but Sauvignon Blanc grapes thrive in cool and warm regions. The Sauvignon Blanc grape, in contrast, hand, buds late and ripens early, which is why a brighter environment is perfect for producing it.

Acidity of Wine

The wine will be crisper or tarter if the acidity is better. While Sauvignon Blanc has a high acidity level, Pinot Grigio has a lower acidity level. Because of this, Pinot Grigio has a smoother flavour than Sauvignon Blanc.

Australia’s Best Regions

Australia has a variety of wine areas noted for producing high-quality wines, with the Yarra Valley, King Valley, Orange, and Mornington Peninsula topping the list for Pinot Noir. In the case of Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Sauvignon Blanc and Margaret River in Western Australia are two crucial hotspots where the wine thrives.

The colour of the wine

Pinot Grigio prefers a pale lemon or light straw colour, while Sauvignon Blanc prefers a light straw to a golden hue.

Food Combinations

Food and wine can complement each other, the case of Pinot Grigio, full-flavored seafood meals like flaky fish, crabs, and scallops will keep your palette interested. Food combinations for Sauvignon Blanc are not very diverse. Fresh seafood, such as mussels, whitebait, and clams, compliment the wine nicely. Sweetbreads, some cheeses, and fresh herbs enhance the flavours of Sav Blanc.

When is the best time to drink?

Enjoy Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc while they are still young, before their acidity and fruit are at their height, with the other light-bodied white wines. Although each of these wines has a high reputation for ageing, Pinot Noir has a potential of up to five years, with Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t taste that best after a couple of years.